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FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4816 ratings )
Utilities Reference
Developer: WeesWares
Current version: 1.2.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Dec 2008
App size: 1.25 Mb

"FreeSaurus" is a no-fuss thesaurus application. Its simple, its focused and it works. Each definition shows related words, synonyms & antonyms.

Make "FreeSaurus" your FREE thesaurus on the go!

*** please note this application requires an active internet connection to function.

Pros and cons of FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! app for iPhone and iPad

FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! app good for

Very lean and quick app that does exactly what it says it does. Works great on WiFi. My only complaint is that if you tap a term, then decide you should have tapped a different one, you cant get back without typing. Its crying out for a "back" key, so Im hoping an update will arrive with that feature.
It wouldve gotten 5 stars if it didnt crash everytime I opened it the second da and if there was a back button! Its really too bad
Good app but they should be able to make it available offline
This is exactly what I need, I dont know why everyone else is saying its bad...
Great app, and it gets the job done! I use this particular app because its free and a good, portable dictionary and thesaurus!:)
Best app I have, extremely helpful with homework and comes in handy

Some bad moments

Not a very good application at all. Pop-ups in the application advertising singles. We get that enough with all the spam, we dont want it in our apps. Thesaurus portion is not very helpful and the dictionary portion uses the word in the definition. Efficiency - to be efficient.
I seriously hate this app! I typed a word..and waited 10 freakin mins..still with NO results!! Wth? DONT get this waste of time and energy
This is legit the stupidest app in this store dont waste ur time with it.
I tried to look up a few words in the Thesaurus and got nothing:(
The interface is bad, which helps to hide the poor results when searching for a word. For example, searching for more returns less, fewer, many, much, and then a handful of words describing Sir Thomas More. Granted, the app is free, and it doesnt crash; but you can find much better thesaurus apps than this for free.
Nothing shows up for the thesaurus part... I personally DO NOT RECCOMEND IT ... Lol

Usually FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! iOS app used & searched for

word reference dictionary, inglish, dictionary thesaurus, and other. So, download free FreeSaurus - The Free Thesaurus! .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.