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Awesome gr8 4 my spelling

Update please


Fine but...

This app was fine but it needs to be updated. It’s not compatible with the current iOS and hasn’t been updated in the last four years.

Update for ios11

Update for iOS 11


App needs to update to iOS 11. Its now useless to me.

Update now!!

No stars. Update this app to work with IOS!! What are you waiting for??!!


Still waiting for update of this app in iOS 11. When or are you going to do the upgrade??


Love this app. Very informative.. but please update!

Good app

One star until it’s updated to support iOS 11....

Does not work w/ios11

Thus was the best dictionary and thesaurus avalible until my phone was updated to lousy ios 11. FreeSaurus doesn't work with ios11.


Please update to with with iOS 11


Hey! I’m tapping on the glass. Update the App for the latest iOS.

IOS 11.1 update needed

PLEASE update your app!!!

Just what I want

It's extremely easy to use. And I love its simple and clean interface. There is however one thing I like to see being fixed: the word on the icon is blurred.

Update your app or it’s of no use

What happened?

Update please to iOS 11

I love your app. Best I could find. But you need to update it

Needs to be updated

Normally I would give it 4, if not 5 Stars. It’s a fantastic app that I have used on numerous occasions. But now it can’t be opened because it’s not compatible with iOS 11. So until it gets fixed and I can use it again, it gets 1 Star.

Apple iOS 11.0.3

Apple has another update... can’t use your great app is there’s no compatibility. Anyone plan to update the app yet?


You need to bring this app up to speed- I love it but can no longer use it because it does not Support IOS .11. WHEN???

Needs update!!

For IOS 10

Are you gonna upgrade this?

I used to like this app and used it often. Guess the developer doesn’t care to upgrade so I can CONTINUE to use it since upgrading to iOS 11. So till then, you get 1 stinkin’ star. I wish you’d get on the ball and upgrade it or into the Trash it goes...not that you’d notice.

iOS 11 update

Use this app all the time! Loved it. School started today and I need an update soon. Come on help a girl out

Hey Developer...

You need to upgrade. Your app won't carry through iOS11 when it arrives!!! This is the best thesaurus I've found and I've tried many! Get cracking 😊✌🏼

Becoming useless

This needs an update, & causing problems. Don't bother.


I deleted it right after I got it. Didn't help at all. Hate it

Definitions bug

I have had this app for a long time and use it quite often for work and school. Recently, it will not load completely or display definitions! Please fix this bug!

Work Great!!

I don't have any problems with it, and it worked fine

I love to write, this app is awesome!

I love to write, and this app helps me sooo much!! I also love finding different words to simple words, such as pretty or boring.

I enjoy it a lot!

Best app ever!!!!i lalaLOVE it!!!


Minimal synonyms in the thesaurus and some of them not even correct. Examples: for "pretty" it listed "bad, beautiful, and "jolly." That's it. For "love" it listed more sexual slang than words that actually mean "love." Useless.


Terrible product that is in desperate need for major changes


Omg this app has helped me on my homework this is the best app eva'! really I'm done! Thx 4 helping here's a five stars for you homework helper!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ok I guess...

Eh... It just takes forever to load :/


Hate the app


This app takes a very long time to find your word, and it won't even show the dictionary side, it just thinks for a good long while and then crashes and closes the app.

I really wish you didn't have to have the Internet to use the app. The Merriam Webster Dictionary's app doesn't need the Internet for the basic word search. Only for the word of the day and pronunciation. If this could be fixed or tweaked so I don't have to be within wifi range, that's be great. Sometimes I'm not home and the school's wifi is horrid.


This app is okay. I like to write stories on another app I have called Wattpad and I hate having to use the word 'said' over and over again. I looked up said to see that there was only two synonyms which were long words that didn't make sense to me, and that got on my nerves. Should add more.

Takes FOREVER to load

I like this app. But, it takes forever to load. If u don't mind waiting a long time get it


Won't even load. I entered a word to search and it keeps spinning saying "please wait".

There's should be more colors

If you don't add purple soon I'm gonna flip a fish


This app is the best I use it with me ELA homework I give it 5 star any negative reviews are wrong


DON'T GET THIS It is so stupid I hate it Stupid Boring Dum Hated Retarted


Good for a laugh. Stay away from this one kids. Antonyms are labeled as synonyms and just in the mix.


This is app is crappy. Crappy: Not good. Junk. Garbage. Rubbish. Crud. Worthless.

Oie' vaie'

Fillta, add the 'ga' as you see fit.

Work perfect

Awesome app, very useful


This APP is okay , slightly redundant & limited,but useful

Simply the Best

Awesome and thank you!

No good

This app needs more antonyms.

Fix app

This app constantly shuts down completely, whenever I search for a word the app shuts down. FIX THIS PLZ! Until u do I think I will delete this app and find another one that actually works:(

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